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Virtual Aquarium - Exhibit 1

Welcome to the Belle Isle Virtual Aquarium. The exhibit will start on the Northwest side, work its way to the back, take a "U" turn and then South towards the front. We will stop on the way and look at each exhibit in turn.

This is a work in progress which will be continuously updated as exhibits are added and modified.

Giant Gourami
Osphronemus goramy
Southeast Asia

This fish hovers in front of the tank and watches your every move. An appropriate first exhibit.


  • That the Giant Gourami is a living fossil, essentially unchanged for 26,000 million years

  • That it originated in the East Indies but has been widely distributed and farmed as a food fish for centuries.

  • That it can reach two feet in length.

  • That it is mainly a vegetarian.

  • That it makes a nest of woven vegetation in shallow water.


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