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FOBIA Committee Structure

Finance Committee
Responsible for budget preparation and recommendations,
Business plan.

Chairperson: Charlie Bristol charliebristol@REMOVE_THIScomcast.net 
Michael Witt

Develop membership program. Create and manage a data-base
consisting of members, volunteers and donors.
Chairperson: Diane Stiller dianestiller@REMOVE_THISsbcglobal.net
Michele Calpito
Laurie Kopack

Marketing/Public RelationsFundraising/Events
Publicity Media and press releases. Corporate image,
Plan events. Adopt-a-fish/tank program, Grant writing
Corporate grants and donations.

Chairperson: Murray Gula 248 390 5158 or 248 586 0100
Jennifer Boardman
Vance Patrick
Karen Twomey
Diane Sawyer
Joe Derek
Joe Guibord
Derek Hurst
Karen Koziatek
Alex Krentzin
Donna Malski
Joann Jackson
Janice Malone
Regina Kuper
Lynne Bieniek
Ebony Wilkerson

Aquarium Operations/Capital Improvements
Interface with contractors, Aquarium start-up costs
Yearly operations.

Chairperson: Doug Sweet sweets4@REMOVE_THISatt.net
Vance Patrick
Murray Gula
Joe Guibord

Develop educational programs
Interface with schools and other groups
Maintain archives, Historical designation

Chairperson: Regina Kuper cpkuper@REMOVE_THIScomcast.net 
Jim Langhammer
Karen Twomey
Doug Sweet
Sandy Novacek
Richard Kik
Michael Bradley
Rebecca Savage
Marianne Weldon
Derek Hurst