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WDET Pledge & Aquarium visit

Hi Aquarium supporters,

Tomorrow morning (Wed April 6th) at 10:00am I'm going to the Belle Isle Aquarium. I will attempt to enter. If the doors are closed, I will stand in mourning for one minute.
I intend to do this every month on the sixth, until the mayoral election.
This would be really, really lonely to do all by myself. I'd sure like
you to join me.


Also tomorrow (Wed) morning - WDET is having it's pledge drive. These
folks have given us excellent coverage, so I think it would be
appropriate if we were to return the favor. I am going to call at 8:00am
to make a donation. I'm going to challenge all Aquarium supporters to do
the same, and I'm also going to tell them I'm going to the Aquarium that
same morning at 10:00am.

If you were to call immediately afterwards and do the same, I'm sure our
voices would be heard. Would you like to join me?

WDET FM 101.9
Pledge number: 1-800-959-9338


Stephen Goodfellow
FOBIA Founder