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Letter in the Detroit Free Press

Shame on Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick -- an opportunity to demonstrate a little compassion for the little people blown. All things are not about dollars and cents. The Belle Isle Aquarium is about Detroit, Detroiters and memories of Detroit. You can't put dollars and cents on memories, unless it's to say that it's priceless.

That aquarium is unique to Detroit. It may not have all the bells and whistles of other big-city aquariums, but it's not intended to be. It's a jewel on a jewel.

This is not about nostalgia or a longing for the good old days. This is about a simple bit of history (101 years old) that continues to make memories -- one visit at a time. This aquarium is not for the world, although we share it with the world. This aquarium is about Detroit and Detroiters.

We don't want or need a big shiny, world-class aquarium. Why is it so difficult to get across the idea that new and bigger is not always better?

Ivory D. Williams