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Belle Isle Aquarium Donation Page

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It's all happening so fast! Keep in mind that FOBIA has only been in existence since January 15th, 2005. 
The Detroit council has given us TWO MONTHS to prove that we can find the necessary funds to run the Aquarium. According to media sources, the Mayor's office is less patient. They want to close it down right away. If this does  occur, we are determined  to see the aquarium re-opened under a new city administration.
To date, we have been expending the majority of our resources on getting the Aquarium a stay of execution.
Now we are shifting gear. In short order we have placed the fledgling organization under a temporary non-profit umbrella while we obtain our own non-profit status. In the meantime, you can make a
tax deductible donation to the Belle Isle Aquarium through the umbrella organization.

What will happen if the aquarium closes? We intend to wait out the the present city administration and un-shutter the Aquarium within a new, more secure management framework. If that fails? Presently, it's not entertained as an option, but if it happens we will solicit, then offer the donors a variety of options that they can vote for online. We will distribute any remaining funds accordingly.

Just fill in the form and click 'Continue'. Your vital information will not be divulged to ANY third party.

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