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Ron Kagan said, FOBIA replies

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Ron Kagan said, FOBIA replies

Ron Kagan: The Aquarium incurres $530,000 in expenses annually.

FOBIA: The Aquarium brought in $130,000 dollars last year. This is not included in the calculation.


Ron Kagan: It is not feasible to renovate and expand the Belle Isle Aquarium, because the infrastructure is in such poor shape.

FOBIA: The reason its infrastructure is in such poor shape is due to a culture continual neglect during Ron Kagan’s administration. Has an extensive survey on the Aquarium's condition been done? We'd love to see it.


Ron Kagan: Attendance has dropped precipitously over the last years.

FOBIA: No advertising budget has been earmarked for the Aquarium. For example, the celebration of the 100 Aquarium’s Anniversary received no attention whatsoever.


Ron Kagan: We’re going to build a new aquarium along the Riverfront.

FOBIA: Smoke and mirrors. The City of Detroit is in debt to the tune of 200 million dollars. If Detroit cannot afford the small budget it needs to run and maintain the present Aquarium, it certainly can’t afford the several hundred million it will take to build a new one.

Ron Kagan’s visits to the Belle Isle Aquarium can be measured on one hand. He has proven himself to be a poor custodian of our historic landmark.


Keep the Aquarium, replace Zoo Director Ron Kagan