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FOBIA Meeting Agenda

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FOBIA Meeting Agenda
February 12, 2005 – 12:30PM - 2:00PM
Coffee Beanery (Woodward & 9 Mile) – Ferndale

22871 Woodward Ave, Ferndale, MI 48220 (248) 543-9434

Mission Statement- Our mission is to preserve and promote the Belle Isle Aquarium and help to maintain its operations now and for future generations to enjoy.

Meeting timeline:

  • 12:30 - Informal conversation


  • 12:45 - Overview.


  • 1:00pm - General discussion.
    Method: Migrating chairperson - the person who has the floor is chairperson. Chairperson selects the next individual who wishes to speak to have the floor, but MUST give preference to someone who has not had a chance to speak. That person is now chairperson.

    2. Community Education - We need  to be a multi-cultural entity. How will we let everyone in the city and suburbs know we are fighting to keep the Aquarium open - and getting them to join us?

    3. Local Non-Profits Connections – Who do we contact, and what can we do together? Can we utilize their each other's resources? Non profit status  -  since none exists at the moment for FOBIA, should we temporarily find an umbrella organization?

    4. State Government Connections – Can we get the Aquarium a historical designation. Can the State of Michigan or Governors Office interpose?

    5. Press/Media Contacts – We must engage the press! Do we know someone in the press/media? Will someone with experience be the liaison, write press releases/articles, motivate the press?

    6. Local Government/Zoological Society Connections – We need an inside contact at these points to know when the  Aquarium is on the agenda.

    7. Aquarium/Professionals Contacts – Who has expertise in this area to support our campaign on a practical level and is not compromised by their City or Zoo employ?

    8. What have we forgotten? What 'Spheres of influence' need to be added?
    Speak up!

    9. Next Event – We need to keep the momentum. What type of live event can we plan for? A protest?  Fish-In? Another Walk-About…..

  • 2:00pm - Wrap-up. Informal discussion may continue after meeting.