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DNR offer refused by Mayor's office?

From an email segment received by FOBIA web admin today. Some of the letter fragment is edited to protect the source:

"...forgot to tell me last night (because she was so happy and overwhelmed to see our efforts) that a friend of hers is one of the DNR officers that comes periodically to check the Belle Isle Aquarium. This person says that the DNR (or the state itself, I'm not sure which, she was busy) HAS already offered to Mayor Kilpatrick the proposal of the state taking over the operation of the Aquarium and he refused.

Why he refused the assistance? I'm seriously just ready to sit and cry, but my family and I are going to just keep plugging away any way we can till the bitter end. Thanks for all your efforts, as well. I know you both are overwhelmed and busy too! I pray we can make a difference.

With hope,..."